Friday, June 3, 2016


I've discovered that the list of possible items a teddy bear might need is without limit. This time - a little (12" x 16") quilt using fabric scraps from my cupboard.
I followed this tutorial (except I hand quilted). I even made the pillow with not one but two little pillow cases.
This doll's quilt would be a great project for a keen child. It takes you through all the steps of quilt making - but at warp speed. Very satisfying. Previously I've made only two crib quilts and they took me forever to complete.

Enjoy your weekend coming up. We've got a long one here in New Zealand to celebrate (officially but not actually) the Queen of England's birthday.

Referencing: The practical guide to patchwork by Elizabeth Hartman

Reading: Aunts up the Cross by Robin Dalton - about growing up in an eccentric household in Kings Cross, Sydney in the 1920s and 30s (first published in 1965)

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