Tuesday, June 5, 2018

the story of two hats

Vacuum flasks poster by Lou Taylor from frankie magazine.

Accidentally two hats or the pitfalls of shopping online for yarn late at night. I was planning to make my granddaughter a beanie - as its got quite chilly here lately - but I ordered too much yarn and it wasn't quite the colour I'd hoped it would be. Solution: knit two hats - each with a different coloured pompom - and then let my granddaughter choose. She chose the red pompom because what she really wanted was a red hat. The pattern is "ribbed hat" from Easy kids knits (2009) by Claire Montgomerie.

Hide and seek by Ian Rankin - number two in the Inspector Rebus series

The man who went up in smoke by Maj Sjöwall and Per Wahlöö - number two in the Martin Beck series

Mister Pip (2006) by New Zealand author Lloyd Jones. Made into a film in 2012 starring Hugh Laurie.

Watching: Evil genius - four-part Netflix documentary about a bank robbery in Eerie, Pennsylvania in 2003. Sad and disturbing.