Monday, June 20, 2016

baby wrap

Influenced by the stash-less posts here I'm trying to use up some of my own stash of wool and fabric - especially if I can use it in a good way.  This is a merino baby wrap that I made yesterday. I spent hours researching this project as I haven't sewn knits before and don't have a serger.

I more or less followed this tutorial (you'll need to scroll down the page a bit to find it) but instead of making double folded hems I did single fold. Merino doesn't fray and I was wanting to reduce the layers of fabric at the corners so they'd be easier to sew. A single fold isn't as neat a finish as double but it worked. 

I also used the walking foot on my sewing machine for the first time (ever!) It helps glide the fabric under the needle and stops it bunching up. I love it. It made a huge difference and produced nice, non-puckered seams.

Other ways to finish a baby wrap:

So, making this wrap I learned a thing or two and now there is one less piece of fabric in the cupboard. Remember that bumper sticker "She who dies with the most fabric, wins"? Are you a hoarder of fabric? Or do you buy as you go?

Reading: Through the eyes of a foster child by Daryl Brougham - NZ biography about being abandoned in infancy and living in foster care until the age of 18.

Listening: Love letter for fire by Sam Beam and Jesca Hoop.

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