Tuesday, April 25, 2017


I have been absent from this blog visiting my mother-in-law in Surfers Paradise, Australia. She will be 93-years-old next month. She is quite amazing - still living independently and enjoying a busy social life. I had a break from technology taking only my phone with me and not using the internet. Caught up on a bit of reading and had wonderful swims in the sea at Surfers.

Now back into it, I've started this simple crib quilt using some fabric I bought in 2011 and adding some fabric-a-brac finds and a few new pieces. Cutting out the squares and sewing them together happened quickly over a weekend. I'm now hand quilting - a slow but relaxing process and a chance to listen to podcasts.

Some of my favourite quilting blogs:
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Listening: Radiolab podcast

Reading: Can you tolerate this? personal essays by (New Zealand writer) Ashleigh Young

And a short (5 mins) film that I think you'll like My knitted boyfriend by Noortje de Keijzer

Saturday, April 8, 2017

sunny day

A bit more Crown Lynn: Sesame Street bowls and a mug for the granddaughter. I, and she, particularly like the Bert snowman on the mug. I just wonder how many more bowls I need to get before we complete the alphabet.

And I've been productively occupied doodling on bread tags. This is a good rainy day activity for older kids - and some adults, it seems. Just make sure to test that your pens work on the plastic. It's disappointing to smudge your best work because the ink hasn't dried. I found that Sharpie permanent markers and Elmers opaque paint markers work well. If you're unsure about your design you can pencil it in first. And gluing on plastic goggly eyes works every time.

Reading: The elements of eloquence : how to turn the perfect English phrase by Mark Forsyth. This book explains the figures of rhetoric. It is surprisingly entertaining. Not something I can read from cover to cover but wonderful to dip into. Listen to an interview with the author here.

The secret diary of Hendrick Groen, 83 1/4 years old by Hendrick Groen. A fictional diary about life in a care home.

Listening: Podcast S-Town