Wednesday, March 2, 2016


A recent visit to the Crown Lynn museum (te toi uku) with my granddaughter (who tells me she is very cute. I can't deny it.) The museum is small but fascinating especially for kiwis - most of us grew up with Crown Lynn. My aunt had a full dinner set of Fiesta Ware - white with multi-coloured spots randomly scattered across a grey (sort of) grid pattern. With pastel coloured cups to match the spots. All displayed in glass-fronted cupboards. As a 12-year-old it was my dream kitchen.

The museum has lovely crowded displays - cup handles rescued from the rubble of the old factory and cups and mugs showing the huge variety made over the lifetime of Crown Lynn. I love the child's cup. The little green cart being towed along by the sleepy looking snail has Express Parcels Co. written on the side. I guess life was a little slower back in 1955.

Plus some Crown Lynn I bought recently for my own small collection. Happy days for Tasman Pulp and Paper when the number 2 newsprint machine was officially opened on 8 May 1963. I just like the sailing ship logo.

Reading: The stories of Bill Manhire - collection of short stories by NZ writer

Eating: Figs from our tree

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  1. I recently found this bowl in my daddy's shed. Any information you can give me on it would be appreciated. My email is (the pulp and paper bowl. Thank you.


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