Tuesday, May 1, 2018

big hat, little hat

I tripped while crossing the road on Friday and gashed my leg. My local GP stitched it up for me but I had to "take it easy" over the weekend keeping my leg elevated as much as possible. So there was much reading, knitting and binge-watching - which worked out quite well really as the weather was pretty bad.

I finished two of my in-the-round projects. A baby hat using this free pattern. I'll send it to Crafty Volunteers for the Woolen baby clothes project where the aim is to gather 8,000 handmade items of baby clothing by 31st of May. It's a small contribution but it all adds to the goal.

The grey hat is adult-size. I used this pattern by Erika Knight from her 2010 book Simple knitting. I'll send that off to Crafty Volunteers too - but not for the baby project, obviously.

Both hats are stretchy with generous fold-up brims to be worn slouchy or snug.

Reading: I'll admit to abandoning The last hours by Minette Walters. Once I heard there was going to be a sequel I just knew that I couldn't go on. So... I'm now reading Driving to Treblinka : a long search for a lost father by Diana Wichtel. When the family moved from Canada to New Zealand, her father was meant to join them later but never did. The book is about the author's search for him many years later. And so far, it's good. 😀

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