Tuesday, July 25, 2017

hats off

Woolly hats ready to wrap up for posting to Crafty Volunteers - a group that supports various NZ charities including the Womens Refuge, night shelters and refugee services. Currently they are needing winter clothing and blankets. The ribbed hat is one of the "pull-on" hats from Erika Knight's 2010 book Simple knitting. It's a good basic pattern and one to get hold of if you can.

Yesterday and today we've had blue skies after days of heavy rain. It's been lovely to be able to open some windows, hang washing out on the line and go for walks in the sunshine.

Watching: Try something new for 30 days - a Ted talk by Matt Cutts. This isn't a new idea but Matt is pretty compelling. It's sparked a bit of conversation in our house. What to try - daily yoga, veganism, getting up early? Or, maybe, what to give up for 30 days?

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