Tuesday, January 24, 2017

pink stripes

I don't like knitting in summer but we haven't had our usual hot weather yet so I've just sort of continued on. This little baby sweater is for the Little Sprouts charity. I'm working on gathering a few things together to donate soon. The pattern is in Panda book #205 Adorable baby knits. It seems to have become a go-to pattern for me. I've knitted it twice before - in brown with red buttons for my granddaughter and in blue for my little across-the-road neighbour.

I have added these little "tango" side plates to the Crown Lynn collection - even though I'm madly trying to get rid of things. This could be a regular blog feature - matching Crown Lynn pieces to crafted goods. What do you think?

Reading: The year of living Danishly by Helen Russell. The author decides to find out what makes Denmark the happiest country on Earth. She gives up her job editing a fashion magazine in London and moves with her husband to Denmark when he accepts a job working for Lego.

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