Sunday, October 9, 2016


I confess I am a great maker of lists - lists of words, of places, of things for the garden etc. And that is why I love the notebook - it keeps all my lists in one place. I have been collecting (recycling?) paper to make my own notebooks for a few years now and finally I've done it following this tutorial. You don't need to buy any special equipment to bind a notebook. I substituted some of the suggested tools/materials with what I had. I used embroidery thread instead of linen thread, a darning needle that doubled as an awl and as a bookbinding needle, and a plastic ruler instead of a bone folder. I also used old magazine covers for my book covers. I followed the tutorial as written. The notebooks are quite small; only ten leaves/twenty pages each but you can easily put in more pages. I'm feeling very smug about these notebooks. They were a quick and straight forward make and turned out well. Very satisfying. I think they would make nice gifts as a set of three especially if you illustrated or printed your own covers. But, be quick, only eleven weeks till Christmas.

Reading: I'm back to A manual for cleaning women by Lucia Berlin.
Watching: Two unexpectedly similar (kind of) films - Michael Moore's Where to invade next and Captain Fantastic

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