Monday, May 9, 2016

good morning, bear

A new sweater for the bear. I'm getting better at making things that fit him. The secret, I think, is to make everything larger. Never underestimate the size of a bear.

I have a few other things to be getting on with, so I'll have to put bear on hold for a while. At least he has clothes to put on now when he gets out of bed in the morning. No lounging around in pyjamas all day for him.

So, there's my little pile of supplies. Wool for a baby cardigan - a gift for a workmate-from-way-back's second child. The striped linen I bought to make a nightshirt - a belated birthday present. And the floral cotton lawn I found in my cupboard. I might hand hem a handkerchief for myself. The fabric is a nice weight.

And three books I've been loving:
Stamp stencil paint by Anna Joyce - simple designs and patterns to use just about anywhere on anything. I think I might have a go at potato printing some wrapping paper.
Everyday style by Lotta Jansdotter - Patterns and instructions for sewing basic clothing with variations: skirt, jacket, trousers, dress, tunic, bag
Slow stitch: mindful and contemplative textile art by Claire Wellesley-Smith - this is a beautiful book that focuses on hand stitching, natural dyeing and other traditional techniques. The patchwork hexagons, above, are from this book.

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