Wednesday, April 20, 2016


+ Beatrix Potter books that I'm slowly collecting for my granddaughter
+ hat made by me - Patons Dreamtime merino 4 ply, pattern from Patons Natural Baby (book #1315)
+ bodysuit from Nature Baby
+ bunny made by me - designed by Lorraine from ikat bag. Pattern here
+ tiny merino socks made by Michelle Beattie

I'm in a little bubble of new babies and pregnancies - my children's friends, my friends' children and nieces and nephews. Exciting. I'm busy making and gathering gifts.

Reading: One shot by Lee Child. I know, another Jack Reacher ...


  1. You make lovely things, and your photos are great. I think my kids would like those rabbits. Did you use poly beads for stuffing? If so, where did you get them (I am in Auckland too). Thanks!

  2. Thank you for your lovely comments. The bunny pattern and tutorial is excellent. Your kids will love their bunnies. I only used stuffing - not beads - because I was making this for a baby. I'm fairly sure Spotlight has beads.


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