Thursday, February 11, 2016


For a few weeks now a couple of tui have been in the garden. I love tui and the weird noises they make. They had built a nest and, sadly, last week their two babies fell from it. The parent birds were frantic - swooping low over their chicks and making a huge racket. I got my bewildered cats inside and watched the birds for a while. The chicks were too young to fly and the parents too scared to feed them on the ground. So my neighbour and I gathered up the chicks and she took them to Bird Rescue where they'll be raised by hand until they're able to be released. The parents stayed in the garden for a few days afterwards - then disappeared. If only I could tell them that their babies will be ok...

Watching: People places things starring Jemaine Clement who makes no apology for his kiwi accent. Yeah!

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